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  • 50 Wheelie Bin Liners / Sacks / Refuse Bags For Rubbish - Discounted Cleaning Supplies - DCS-BRS071-50

    Wheelie Bin Liners 240Ltr Black on a Roll - Discounted Cleaning Supplies - Roll of 10 - DCS-BRS042

    Excl. Tax: £1.23 Incl. Tax: £1.48
    High Load Capacity Wheelie Bin Liners - Roll of 10Durable wheelie bin liners are ideal for domestic use, made from quality black polytheneFits up to and including a 240 litre wheelie binSize (metric) 762mm x 1168mm x 1372mm longSize (imperial) 30" x 46" wide x 54" long read more >
  • GrilBrik® Flat Griddle Brick - Contico - SUGB2012L

    GrilBrik® Flat Griddle Brick - Black - Contico - SUGB20

    Excl. Tax: £1.67 Incl. Tax: £2.00 As low as: £1.50
    The Market LeaderFood Service GradeFilm cover wrap acts as the holder. read more >
  • Griddle Screen 10 screens per pack  - Contico - Pack of 10 - SU14SC10P

    Griddle Screens - Black - Pack of 10 - Contico - SU14SC

    Excl. Tax: £2.05 Incl. Tax: £2.46
    Griddle Screens are part of our griddle / grill cleaning kit Griddle Screen SU14SG are designed for light griddle cleaning or for use after using GrillBrik. Our Griddle Pad SU1410 is one of the best pads on the market for light griddle cleaning and polishing due to heat-resistant resins. Griddle Pad holders are available to protect hands from grease and burns. Griddle should be 100 degrees celcius or less. read more >
  • Professional Quality Chef / Cooks / Butchers / BBQ Apron 100% Cotton - available in 3 colours  - A2838

    Chefs Apron, - available in 3 colours professional Quality Kitchen Apron, Double Pockets, Machine Washable 100% Cotton, Suitable for professional and Domestic Purposes - Discounted Cleaning Supplies

    Excl. Tax: £2.64 Incl. Tax: £3.17
    100 Percent Cotton - available in 3 colours Chefs ApronSuperior 100% Cotton with reinforced white ties to ensure durability and a comfortable fitDouble front pockets which come in handy in ankitchen environment37" Length x 27" Width for an ideal and universal fitMachine washable read more >
  • Acid Toilet Cleaner - Available in 2 sizes - Cleenol

    Acid Toilet Cleaner - Available in 2 sizes - Cleenol

    Excl. Tax: £2.72 Incl. Tax: £3.26
    A heavy duty descaler to effectively remove encrusted limescale deposits from ceramic surfaces, WCs and shower cubicles. A hydrochloric based product which ensures rapid scale removal. Not suitable for use on stainless steel or chrome.A toilet and urinal cleaner that removes scale and sanitizesA complete cleaner to give clean odour-free toilets read more >
  • Erase-All Sponges - Abbey - Pack of 10 - SPEAWH10A

    Erase-All Sponges - White - Pack of 10 - Abbey - SPEAWH

    Excl. Tax: £2.72 Incl. Tax: £3.26 As low as: £2.99
    Removes stubborn stains and marks from nearly all surfaces.No need for chemicals, use with water for cleaning use dry for dusting.Ideal for cleaning tea stained cups, stainless steel, floor surfaces, paintwork, plastics, glass, bathrooms and many more.Quick results with minimum effort - No need for chemicals just wet and wipe! The Erase-All is a multi surface cleaning sponge which removes stubborn stains from most surfaces.Size: 100mm x 60mm x 25mm read more >
  • Contract Microfibre Cloths - available in 5 colours  - MIC

    Contract Microfibre Cloths - available in 5 colours - Discounted Cleaning Supplies

    Excl. Tax: £4.73 Incl. Tax: £5.68
    Our Discounted Cleaning Supplies Contract Microfibre Cloths - available in 5 colours are Premium Microfibre ClothsCan be washed time and time again and not lose quality. XL SIZE 40 x 40CMThese are Premium Quality Cloths unlike many other cheap Microfibre, we guarantee you contract quality.Each cloth is individually branded and colour coded to avoid cross contamination from a leading Microfibre manufacturer.Can be used at the office, home, work place and even for industrial or professional uses. As these tiny microfibres work hard for you collecting dirt from any surface read more >
  • White Cotton Tea Towel - Robert Scott & Sons - Pack of 10 - TW1929AVO

    White Cotton Tea Towel - White - Pack of 10 - Discounted Cleaning Supplies - TW1929AVO

    Excl. Tax: £5.57 Incl. Tax: £6.68
    White Cotton Tea Towel - Pack of 10 have a blue band and suitable for all catering applicationsOur most popular and durable towel with quality drying and exellent value general purpose tea towelCare Instructions: Machine washable at 40c.Trusted by catering professionals and home users45cm x 74cm read more >
  • Filters for Conical Cooking Oil Filter Holder White  - Contico - OACF2WAUP

    Oil Filters for Conical Cooking Oil Filter Holder White - White - Box of 50 - Contico - OACF2W

    Regular Price: £10.26

    Special Price Excl. Tax: £6.99 Incl. Tax: £8.39

    IMPROVE TASTE! Using filter cones helps to remove smoking and unpleasant taste from used cooking oils. This will help lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business!INCREASE THE LIFE OF FRYER OIL! Filtering fryer oil on a regular basis will help extend the life of the oil. By getting rid of old food particles left in the oil, the risk of having oil that produces bad tasting foods is decreased.SAVE MONEY! Using this product allows you to filter, not replace, or fryer oil. By using this product, you will extend the life of the oil and increase the amount of time between changing your fryer's oil.SAFETY FIRST! In any restaurant or workplace setting, safety is very important. These filter cones help improve safety by promoting the use of the machines automatic filtration systems. Take proper precautions for your staff, and filter your fryer's oil!PERFECT FOR: Restaurants, snack stands, fast food dining establishments, carnival concession stands or anywhere a deep fryer is used! Enhance customer satisfaction to ensure repeat business! read more >
  • Medium Duty Clear Liners Size 18X29X39  - Discounted Cleaning Supplies - CRS010A

    Medium Duty Clear Liners Size 18X29X39 - Discounted Cleaning Supplies - TAURUS

    18 x 29 x 39" Medium duty Clear liners Boxed 200 read more >
  • Black - Medium Duty Refuse Sack - Box of 200 - Gauge 120 - Size 18x29x39

    Black - Medium Duty Refuse Sack 100 Gauge - Box of 200 - Size 18x29x39

    Excl. Tax: £12.08 Incl. Tax: £14.50 As low as: £11.94
    18"x 29"x 39" Size 100 Gauge Genuine Value (Each bag should weigh approx 33 grams)  Made of extra-strong quality plastic (HDPE)  Packed in 1 box of 200 bags in rolls of 10 (Discounted Cleaning Supplies Grade 4 Bag)  High quality and made in the UK read more >
  • Toucan Mini

    Toucan Mini - Combination Cleaning Solution and Disinfectant Generator. - Toucan - EFTMSG

    Regular Price: £100.34

    Special Price Excl. Tax: £66.00 Incl. Tax: £79.20

    Save Hundreds of Pounds per year on cleaning chemicals whist protecting your family or business with this breakthrough of the most advance disinfectant cleaning system that only requires salt and water to create a safe yet extremely effective antibacterial surface cleaner on demand.Can be used around all the family and is environmentally friendly non toxic and non-allergenic making it an excellent product for those with babies, elderly, poorly people or just sensitive skin.Removes and kills up to 99.999% of all allergens, E coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Flu Viruses(H1N1), microorganisms as well as spores, viruses, moulds and fungiSuitable for all surfaces like chopping boards, high chairs, changing mats, fridge, bins, kitchen sinks, baths and taps and toilet seats, carpets in every room in the house including kitchens, bathrooms, office, classrooms, medical facilities, wet rooms, food preperation areas leaving surfaces clean, sparkling and disinfectedThis unit is only available exclusivly from Discounted Cleaning Supplies® a trusted supplier to retail, commercial, medical and contractors and comes backed up with a full 12 months gurantee. read more >
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