Deep Fat Fryer Powder - 2.5Kg - Cleenol - 031162

Deep Fat Fryer Powder - 2.5Kg - Cleenol - 031162

Descaling Fluid - 2x5Ltr - Cleenol - 08295DF

Descaling Fluid - 2x5Ltr - Cleenol - 08295DF

Descaler & Tarnish Remover - 5 Litre - Cleenol - 010392X5

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  • Enables rapid removal of scale deposits, metal tarnish, hard water scale and rust from ferrous metals and brightens aluminium and chrome surfaces.
  • The properties of this product enable it to be used extensively in the catering and food industries for general purpose cleaning and maintenance and also in the leisure industry for the descaling of pool sides, shower areas and changing rooms etc. along with the removal of body fats.
  • Food safe

Product Features

  • Food safe

Direction for Use

  • Add 1 part product to 5 parts water
  • Always add acid to water, not water to acid.
  • Apply by swab, brush, non-misting low pressure spray or immersion
  • Allow for removal of scale or tarnish.
  • Thoroughly rinse components after treatment with clean water
  • Do not allow prolonged contact.
  • Repeat descaling process if necessary.
  • When descaling kettles or urns, do not boil
  • Use at room temperature only.
  • For dishwashers use a 50:50 solution
  • Continue to apply to scale until fizzing has ceased, carry out wash cycle
  • with no load to completely remove any traces of product
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • For medium to light scaling of swimming pool sides dilute 1 part product to 5 parts water
  • For severe scale use undiluted
  • Apply using mop cloth or machine, taking care to minimize any contamination of the pool
  • Leave a few minutes allowing to react, repeat if required
  • Rinse well with clean water.
  • Caution: This product is acidic and will damage carpets and textiles
  • If spillages occur, remove the surplus acid with a damp cloth and neutralize as soon as possible with washing soda or baking soda
  • Clean thoroughly with a proprietary carpet shampoo
  • Contact with bleach based products may produce toxic chlorine gas.


  • Store in cool conditions away from direct sources of heat
  • Avoid extremes of temperature
  • Do not allow to freeze
  • Ensure the cap is tightly fitted after use
  • Keep out of reach of children

Shelf Life

  • Shelf life 24 months if stored as recommended
  • Use within 6 months of opening

Environmental Hazards

  • Neat product with cause damage to plant and animal life
  • Do not allow large quantities of neat product to enter surface waterways
  • In the event of a large spillage, contact the local water authority or Environment Agency immediately
More Information
Unit of MeasureBottle of
Type of CleanerDescalers & Stain Removers
pH - undiluted0-2
Product Guide NoK13
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Shelf Life24 Months
Previous MPN
Commodity Code3402 90 00
Product Dimensions
Item Weight5,875g
Pack Size5 Litre
Product TypeDescaler / Stain Remover
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