Floor Pads and Brushes, Buffer Pads, Diamond Pads, Floor Bonnets, Standard and Ultra High Speed floor pads

Floor Pads and Brushes, Buffer Pads, Diamond Pads, Floor Bonnets, Standard and Ultra High Speed floor pads

Floor Pads and Brushes, Buffer Pads, Diamond Pads, Floor Bonnets, Standard and Ultra High Speed floor pads

Floor Pads come in different sizes and colours. The colour of the pads are there to help you identify the pad you need for the cleaning task they are

  • Black: stripping & cleaning - For wet scrubbing strong layers of emulsion floor polishes. Removes the old finish and eliminates concrete burns.
  • Brown: scrubbing - Hard aggressive scrubbing wet or dry, with strippers. Prepares the floor for new emulsion floor polishes.
  • Green: intermediate cleaning - For the removal of surface layers of wax and to prepare the floor for the next process. Use wet.
  • Blue: light cleaning - Light cleaning and spray burnishing.
  • Red: polishing spray - For frequent use on relatively clean floors and spray burnishing. It also cleans and polishes dry. 
  • Tan: polishing- For light cleaning and maintaining all types of floors. Use dry.
  • White: finishing & polishing - Suitable for finishing and polishing floors. Use dry.

Ultra High Speed Floor Pad For use with rotary buffing machines operating at 600-2000rpm. Each colour pad gives a different result see below

  • Use sapphire for high lustre polishing (hard) - A super soft polishing pad to give floors a high gloss shine. Suitable for daily use. 2,000rpm.
  • Use onyx for thermal hard buffering (hard) - The most aggressive blend of 50% natural hair & 50% polyester. Suitable for intensive buffing, delivering added abrasive power. 1,000rpm.
  • Use natural for moderate buffering (moderate) - Virgin polyester combined with natural bristles and a special elastic resin makes a durable and flexible pad. Suitable for vigorous polishing or to finish the floor after crystallisation. 600rpm.

Floor Bonnet - After a cleaning product is deposited onto the surface as mist, a round buffer or "bonnet" scrubs the mixture with a rotating motion for use with rotary floor cleaning machines. Available in four types: soft looped yarn for carpets; hard floor for combination dirt collection and polishing; microfibre for use wet or dry on any surface, and high performance Queen bonnets.

Flexis Ferrzon+ Diamond Floor Pads - are a range of floor pads for use with rotary floor machines and scrubber dryers. Unique design incorporates the latest technology using microscopic Ferrzon+ crystals for high performance wet or dry cleaning and polishing without the need for chemicals. Pads are available in five grades. Caution is needed when using these pads as some of the pads like red coarse are not suitable on some floor surfaces like vinyl for example as this pad removes a thin layer from the surface

  • Red: coarse - Use to wet clean the floor so that the dull soiled surface is transformed into a smooth clean floor. This pad removes a thin layer from the surface, cleaning away chemical build-up, old floor finishes and ingrained dirt. Strips floor back to remove scoring, scratch marks and staining.
  • Blue: medium -  Deep cleaning produces an economical light reflective finish. Most popular in large industrial and commercial applications.
  • Yellow: fine - Polishing and cleaning. Producing a clear reflective shine on a wide variety of hard floor finishes.
  • Green: very fine - High shine, an excellent glossy first class finish. Also helps to retain good pore density and greater resistance to water and staining. Also use this pad as part of your daily cleaning programme to maintain the floor surface.
  • Black: ultra fine - Highest shine available. Some customers require an extra buffed finish. Ultra fine 8000g pad for buffing wet or dry. Gives the surface a deep polish shine, also called 'wet look shine'. Can be used for daily cleaning to maintain a glossy shine.