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  • Even on the inside dirty and grimy windows harbour harmful bacteria. This remarkable Cleano system easily removes dirt, grime and bugs with the combined cleaning power of pure ionised water and microfibre without leaving residual particles or surface smears leaving windows bright, clean, fresher and more hygienic.
  • Easy to carry and use, a compact and entirely mechanical tool - no batteries or cables
  • Replaces the need for a buckets, Ladders, squeegee, window washer, telescopic poles and chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly, eliminates chemical cost
  • Reduces working time by up to 50% - higher productivity, simple to operate with minimal effort

Multi-purpose window and surface ultrapure water cleaning system to clean indoor glass and other indoor surfaces

This Bucket-free indoor window cleaning system sprays a mist at high levels to prevent streaking. What you end with is sparkling, hygienic, bug-free windows! Even on the inside, dirty and grimy windows harbour harmful bacteria, our bucket-free window cleaning system removes dirt, grime and bugs with the combined cleaning power of water and or chemicals and microfibre.

The Cleano indoor ultrapure water cleaning system is for indoor glass and surfaces. It combines the cleaning power of pure water and microfiber in a light, compact and entirely mechanical tool (no cords, no batteries, etc). The Cleano keeps glass clean longer. With no chemical residue being left behind on the glass dirt will not be attracted, reducing the frequency of cleaning intervals. Just fill with pure water and your ready to go!

The new Cleano series has Viton internal gaskets protect the pump system and allow a cleaning solution to be mixed with the water prior to use.

The Bambino hand-held Cleano is handy for cleaning internal glass on public transport or glass panels that require quick and easy access, and can also be used for cleaning table tops. Use with a glass pad/mop for windows and glass or spot pad/mop for tiles, ceramic surfaces.

  • Reduces labour up to 50%
  • Reduces back strain - ergonomic
  • Allows safe working from the ground
  • Easily clean indoor windows up to 6 Meters
  • Reaches difficult areas without dripping on or having to move furniture
  • Environmentally friendly, no chemicals
  • Economical eliminates chemical costs

Applications Include:

  • Indoor glass windows and walls
  • Washable furniture
  • Washable tables and desks
  • Counters and work benches
  • Washable doors
  • Washable walls
  • Glass partitions, showcases, and mirrors
  • Elevator walls and doors
  • Glass refrigerator doors
  • Indoor window sills

The Cleano comes in five sizes giving you the versatility to clean almost anything you"ll encounter.

Available in 1m, 1.4m, 3m & 6m lengths, and a hand-held Cleano.

INTRODUCING the Cleano 1


Represents a REAL Revolution in cleaning. A cleaning innovation; compact and complete measuring 12”. The Cleano is equipped with a handle, pad holder, solution tank with a spray system, all in one.

Cleano 1 Meter
For cleaning and sanitizing walls, fixtures, mirrors and doors. Environmentally friendly, no chemicals. Economical, eliminates chemical costs. Indoor Ultra Pure Water Cleaning System is for indoor glass and non-porous surfaces. Reaches difficult areas without dripping on or having to move furniture.

Cleano 1.4 Meter

Small enough for everyday cleaning but still reaching up to 1.4 Meter this versatile model is the perfect everyday indoor ultrapure water cleaning system.

Cleano 3 Meter

Perfect for those out of reach surfaces. Cleaning up to 3 Meter it's quick and easy to use.

Cleano 6 Meter

Using our 25" Carbon Fiber Composite Flip Lock Telescopic Pole you can reach up to 6 Meter

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