Nano Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - Blue - Nano-Ag Microcide - MIBMC001L

Nano Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - Blue - Nano-Ag Microcide - MIBMC001L

Nano Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - Yellow - Nano-Ag Microcide - MIYMC001L

Nano Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - Yellow - Discounted Cleaning Supplies

Nano Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - Pink - Discounted Cleaning Supplies

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  • Cleans your surface using just water - no cleaning chemicals needed
  • Cloth is infused with a natural antibacterial agent that kills bacteria
  • Trusted by medical professionals and the anitmicrobial effects remain strong enough even after 500 machine washes at up to 95 degrees
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA, E. coli and Listeria
  • Stops your cloths from smelling after work and is not environmentally friendly

The price of Nano-Ag Microcide is very competitive even against regular Microber cloths consi dering its well established, highly regarded Anti bacterial function added to the cloth.

Nano-Ag Microcide treatment kills all types of germs and does not transfer any bacteria and fungus to other areas. And it does not make any color bleedings and discolorations.

The combination of advanced nanotechnology in silver processing and proven Nano-Ag Microcide has brought a higher standard of performance that will satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Stops your cloths from smelling after work and is not environmentally friendly

This Nano-Ag Microcide antimicrobial treatment for microfibre mops and cloths is a brand new product line based on new generation technology.

Silver-based antimicrobial treatment is quite new to the industry, and it will have a great potential and tremendous impact to the Industry soon.

The excellent adhesion of silver ion to fibers of Nano-Ag Microcide means that the antimicrobial effects remain strong enough even after 500 times machine washed.

The effect lasts long actively until the fabrics wear out. Even on 100% polyester which is one of the most difficult fabrics to treat, it is excellent.

This is the most important characteristic of microfibre cloths for furniture and glass, and wet cloths for dish-cloths specially.

Why do you need Nano-Ag Microcide

We live in a house. But we normally do not pay attention to bacteria and germs on the kitchen sink and drain, bath-room wall and drain, toilet bowl, floor and carpet. Even on toys, TV-remote control and computer mouse we can find lots of germs.

According to a report by Hygiene Council, British Company of Reckitt Benckiser, they could find over billions of germ per square inch on a toilet bowl, sink drain, kitchen cloth, pan scrubber and bath tub.

The report also said that food poisoning caused by Vibrio, vomiting and stomach ache by Escherichia coli, diarrhea by Staphylococcus aureus and found out lots of Salmonella on the cleaning cloths.

There are various disinfectants and sanitizers used to protect human body from attacking by bacteria and germs. But these are made of chemicals that may be harmful to human body and environment as well. And so there are rules and regulations when these disinfectants and sanitizers are used at the public places, which is somewhat inconvenience.

Regarding the above issues the newly developed Nano-Ag Microcide by Discounted Cleaning Supplies is introduced to ease the health and environment problems. In addition, the use of Nano-Ag Microcide is much lower than chemicals in cost.  Therefore we highly recommend that the Nano-Ag Microcide be used for good health and friendly environment . There are three major merits for you in using the Nano-Ag Microcide

  • Convenience for Use.
  • Economy for Cost
  • Safety for Health.
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